I’m a writer and journalist in Toronto, Canada. 

I'm a regular contributor to Maclean's magazine. I also write for the Guardian on occasion. My work has appeared in the Globe and Mail, at the CBC, in the Ottawa Citizen, and in the National Post, among others.

I mostly write about technology, culture, and current affairs. Sometimes I write about hockey.

For three years, I was a parliamentary reporter for iPolitics.ca in Ottawa, after which I was the head writer and a producer for CTV News Channel's Kevin Newman Live. I am the creator and editor of a small online magazine called article. It's here (it is currently on hiatus).

I have a Medium blog that I update more frequently than this one. You can find it here.

From September 2014 to December 2015 I was employed as a speechwriter for the Liberal Party of Canada (LPC). In that role, I wrote speeches for Justin Trudeau and other material for the party. I am no longer a member of the Liberal party, nor of any other.